Bauer Matrix Senior Hockey Skate

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The Bauer Supreme Matrix Senior Hockey Skates are designed for the elite-performance level hockey player with a combination of features to maximize your power and control on the ice, and is only found at Source For Sports.

Built for the elite-level hockey player, on the ice 3-5 times per week.

Powerful Strides - Pro-level support matched with a flexible tendon guard help to maximize power and energy transfer in every stride.

Boot Comfort - Comfort Edge technology, matched with the Pro Stock Felt tongue and Aerofoam+ ankle pads ensures overall boot comfort.

Performance Fit System - Available in 3 unique fits (Fit 1, Fit 2, Fit 3) so we can find the fit for your game.

Choose Your Steel - Better steel leads to better performance. Ask our experts about how we can help you improve your stride with enhanced steel and profiling options.


Bauer has evolved the skate-fitting process into a 3-dimensional fit system. Data from 800,000 player foot scans allowed us to create three fit profiles for both Supreme Skates (designed for skaters with a powerful stride) and Vapor Skates (designed for skaters with speed in mind).

Never fit into Supreme or Vapor skates? Now, you can.

The new 3D-fit system from Bauer Hockey allows everyone to wear what fits their game, not what skate their foot fits into.

  • Fit 1: low volume, narrow width.
  • Fit 2: medium volume, medium width.
  • Fit 3: high volume, high width.

Price is with LS Pulse Blades