Bauer Supreme 3S Senior Goal Skate

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The Supreme 3S Skate is offered in Bauer's new Performance Fit System and it’s designed for the skilled player who wants added comfort. It features 3D Lasted Flex Composite Boot that’s lightweight and easier to flex. Combined with Pro TPU outsoleit offers additional stiffness in the lower portion of the skate, delivering more straight line speed.

The boot also has a power cut which offers increased wrap for optimal foot stability and a more powerful stridePro 48 ounce Felt Tongue with injected metatarsal guard compresses and releases energy, offering forward flex and comfort. The skate features a high grade LS+stainless steel blade equipped with increased height AND Bauer's Power Profile*which helps the player maintain speed and a more aggressive stride. With a Flex Rating of 70, it also offers a great level of support and stability for the player.