Bauer Supreme S170 Senior Goal Chest & Arm

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The Bauer Supreme S170 Goalie Chest Protector uses a mixture of high and low density foam and an improved design to provide solid protection for younger goaltenders playing up to the Advanced level of competition. The Supreme S170 has a very light weight construction and improved mobility over the older model it was based on. The large segmented foam stomach padding allows a deep crouch and prevents the unit from shifting protection by bending with the goaltender's natural movements. The segmented shoulder floaters are constructed with HD foam and have a wide profile for maximum net coverage. The arms on the Supreme S170 have an improved design that gives excellent mobility while still being squared off for maximum coverage. The arms are constructed with pre-molded HD foam and have plastic elbow caps. The sternum on the S170 features an HD foam reinforcement to reduce the chance of injury in a vulnerable area. The Comfort Edge rib protection provides complete wrap around coverage without hindering mobility. The Supreme S170 chest protector has a soft nylon liner that helps wick away moisture and prevent irritation. The adjustable wrist and elbow straps allow additional customization, and the shoulder adjustment allows the goalie to change how the chest protector rests on the shoulders.