Brian's Sub Zero 7.0 Senior Goal Blocker

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The new Sub Zero 7 Blocker is an effort in efficiency from Brian's and the lightweight rigid results are noticeable. With a binding-less face and a direct connection between the same HD Foam core found in their leg pads, the SZ7 Blocker offers unreal rebound control. The side-board has been reinforced with a removable cushion to customize the pad to your preference. A redesigned shorter, wider wrist cuff aids in mobility and allows players to get the full range of motion they need when playing the puck. The palm of the blocker is your standard ivory nash with a special SBA coating. This SBA material gets tackier as it gets wet, amplifying your grip and keeping things in place. Finally, Brian's X-Static technology features silver fibers woven through the mesh gussets of the finger stalls, fighting up to 99% of the bacteria is contacts white combating the odors that permeate through our equipment.