Brian's Sub Zero II Senior Goalie Catch Glove

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The Sub Zero Pro II features a one-piece cuff and solid thumb design.  This gives the goalie a solid, predictable blocking surface when playing pucks in tight to the body.  The thumb angle is steep enough to funnel pucks directly into the deep, single-t pocket that comes standard.  The finger are of the palm is also pre-curved to perform the same function.  In short, you can kiss pop-outs goodbye with this glove.  The horizontal bridge of the t-web has been made thinner to help reduce the overall weight of the glove, and it seals completely to the ice when covering the puck.  The glove is built with Brian's 40 Degree closure - a natural full hand closure that puts the break angle closer to the thumb.  Goalies who grab this glove off of the shelf will notice that it's protective palm closes easily right away - little break in time is required before use.