CCM Axis 2.5 Junior Goalie Leg Pads - Source Exclusive - Boston

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Tailored specifically for the young high-performance goaltender, the Axis 2.5 leg pads feature a Dynamic Response System, LiteCore Technology, Quick Motion Strap System 2, and CCM’s classic Speed Skin over the top. The Source Exclusive Axis 2.5 goalie pads feature a single outer break knee roll, reinforced PU calf zones, as well as special as well as unique color options that are different than what's offered in the CCM catalog.

External Material
Speed Skin material returns on the Axis 2.5, having been seen before on the previous Axis gear and originally debuting on the Premier 2. This exterior material offers superior slide by reducing friction between the pads and the ice. The Axis 2.5 has additionally been fine-tuned in its sliding capabilities with the new Dynamic Response System, which includes a one-piece landing zone to enhance comfort, speed, and seal along the ice when striding in butterfly.

Internal Construction
The Axis 2.5 leg pads use returning LiteCore technology in the core to keep the pads light and able to bank off powerful rebounds. It works together with the stiff profile to offer great stability as well while you play. The enhancements operate together to give you an overall better feel in butterfly, as well as to augment efficiency in making those big saves on the ice. The raised flat inside edge design in the pad stabilizer further enhances seal and stability when in movement.