CCM E2.9 Extreme Flex Senior Goal Pant

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The CCM Extreme Flex Shield E2.9 Goalie Pant is the new CCM Extreme Flex Shield II Pant. It brings the same Premier lower fit, and pairs it with the tapered top just like its bigger brother. This tapered top allows for a pant that will flow over the waist for goalies that like to wear their chest outside of their pants.

As well the CCM E-Flex Shield E2.9 goal pant has the all important internal belt that CCM goalies know and love. This belt allows for a more relaxed fit for better mobility and net coverage. As well the CCM E2.9 Shield pants maintain the 1" extension to allow for some extra growing room at the end of the life of the pant if need be. Using 400D nylon with strategically placed stretch zones allows the E2.9 goalie pants to maintain their durability while also allowing for the flex and mobility that goaltending requires.