CCM E3.5 E-Flex Junior Goal Blocker

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- E-Flex 3 blockers come stock with a centred palm position, giving it a balanced feel and light weight. HD foam is used to construct the blocker face and side boards, ensuring consistent rebounds.

- To make sure you’re getting those consistent rebounds, the E-Flex 3 blocker features an adjustable cuff. The adjustable cuff allows you to adjust the cuff for a greater range of motion, enabling you to make proper contact with the puck.

- Finger protection comes in a surplus with the E-Flex 3. HD foam finger guards, D3O index finger reinforcement, and a new shallow finger protector. D3O has vibration dampening properties when in the form of a foam. The D3O foam is inserted around the perimeter of the index finger stall, ensuring protection from any contact.

- The shallow finger protection is an HD foam insert behind the side bard of the blocker and extends toward the index finger.