Tovi Mirage Pro V-III Senior Hockey Stick

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Mirage Pro V-III: Sleek, versatile, and sturdy, the low kick MIRAGE has been confounding goaltenders for years! But now, with our powerfully enhanced shaft and our newly refined signature DiamondAire blade technology, the MIRAGE PRO V-III is truly in a class by itself. Never before has the hockey world seen a blade that provides this level of feel and stick handling control. Receive passes more efficiently and master the puck like never before because of the amazing tactile feedback provided by the 100% carbon fiber perforated DiamondAire Blade with Microgrip tech surface and huge sweet spot.

Coupled with our proprietary Diamond Coat Liquid Tape your game will be elevated to the highest level possible. MIRAGE PRO V-III is incredibly light, thin, durable and perfectly balanced. Our Pro V-III shafts are made with the most advanced fiber technology in the world, producing rocketing shot performance.

The MIRAGE is our original flagship stick completely upgrade. Tricked out in fiery stealth orange with 3 dimensional foil decaling, the MIRAGE PRO V-III is handcrafted from the most durable, lightweight 18K carbon fiber and comes with our Standard 90 Day warranty. The low-kick flex point combined with our patented perforated aerodynamic blade design, provides lightning-fast release for snap shots while on the go!