Louisville LXT Fastpitch Bat

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Unparalleled feel on contact with all-new technology that creates independent movement between the barrel and handle, the  LXT Series Bat is ultra-balanced to blend power, control and swing speed. This -11 drop has an ultra-light end cap and Pro Comfort Grip, the most balanced combination of power and control in the series. VCX™ TECHNOLOGY allows for independent movement between the barrel and handle, controls vibration and unmatched feel on contact. It Creates a feel unique to each sport and player type.  

  • LS Pro Comfort Grip™: Locks hands into the grip, giving you better control and feel
  • X-Cap™ Design: Provides improved swing speed; low-profile design increases barrel length for extended sweet spot
  • Patented PBF Barrel Technology: Gives you maximum pop right out of the wrapper
  • Ultra-Balanced swing weight: Perfect for extreme control and maximum swing speed
  • 7/8" standard Fastpitch handle diameter