Mckenney 470 Pro Spec Intermediate Goalie Pad

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The “Pro-Spec” goal pad features a progressive hybrid style.

  • Plus 1” sizing includes a taller thigh rise with size roll break for added pad flex.
  • Adjustable leg and knee cradles with elastic strap and Velcro closure.
  • Full wrap knee and calf guards with calf wedge for added pad stability.
  • Hand trimmed top wear edging and reinforced bottom wear edging.
  • Internal flex points at boot, knee and thigh.
  • “Skate Lock” bottom leg strap allow for better post hugging.
  • Thigh wraps with lace adjustment for added knee protection.
  • Large pro style square side rolls to prevent puck skip-over.
  • Leather lower leg straps with adjustable position nylon top straps.
  • Large toe bridge allows for “center” or “off-set” toe lacing positions.