Mizuno Franchise 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove 312969

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If you need a glove that you can break in really fast, then you need to check out this Franchise Fastpitch glove! 

Glove Benefits

If you are roving all over the field from pitcher, to infield and even to outfield; consider this 12.5 inch Mizuno Franchise glove for use!

Enjoy the Hand Based Pattern on this glove that will set up the pocket to be right below the web and ultimately create a glove with a deeper pocket. As well, no need to be bashful if you don’t receive the baseball right in the pocket every time. This glove has the Parashock Palm Pad to cut down on the extra sting if you get a ball on the palm. Lastly, your hand should rest comfortably in this glove as it has the MZO Lining that repels moisture from the skin!