Tovi Raven Youth Hockey Stick

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Players can receive passes more efficiently and control the puck like never before because of the solid 100% carbon fiber construction material, the MicroGrip™ technology, and the amazing tactile feedback provided by our DiamondCoat LiquidTape®. TOVI RAVEN stick comes equipped with TOVI Hockey MicroGrip™. The patented technology is designed to provide you with an enhanced performance compared to traditional tape. Built directly into the manufacturing process, the blade surface finish is engineered to produce the optimal engagement for puck control. Together with our DiamondCoat LiquidTape® water based hydrophobic coating, you get the best traction with the puck, combined with consistent performance from period to period and from game to game. Our reusable DiamondCoat LiquidTape® vial provides an easy-to-use brush-on applicator and lasts anywhere from 10-15 games.