Warrior Senior QRE Team Composite Stick

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The QRE Pro Team Senior stick features a brand new Edge angular taper. The design was developed to push more flex energy through the bottom of the shaft to maximize pop. The stick is extremely easy to load, meaning you can get a quick snapshot off whether byou're weaving through traffic or slightly off balance. No need to power up, just snap your wrists, and the stick technology does the rest. The True 1 Phantom construction is a carryover feature and helps keep the stick responsive and boosts puck feel when stickhandling. We all aim to play heads-up hockey and being able to feel the puck on your stick without looking is key. The QR Edge Pro Team will use Warrior's Minimus Carbon 800, a blend of fibers to offer a high strength yet lightweight composite in a flat weave design. These materials will enhance the sticks responsiveness, balance, and playability. Another carryover is the Pro CorTex Grip. This textured Tactile Grip coating means you'll have terrific control late in the game when your gloves are a bit damp. The last thing you want is your hands slipping and your blade twisting late in the game. Overall the Covert QRE Pro Team comes with most of the features seen on $300, with the biggest difference being weight. It's a great option for anyone looking for a pro level stick without breaking the bank.