Bauer Junior Vapor X-Velocity Skate

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  • Quarter Package: One Piece 3D Polycarb Quarter 
  • Lining Material: Green Microfiber Liner With Comfort Edge
  • Ankle Padding: Memory Foam Ankle Pads
  • Tongue: 2 Piece felt with Injected Metatarsal Guard
  • Thermoformable: Thermo-Adjustable
  • Outsole: TPU Outsole Non Woven
  • Blade Holder: Tuuk Lightspeed Edgel
  • Tuuk LS1+ Black Stainless Steel (Upgrade)
  • Comfort Edge Padding (Upgrade)
  • 48oz Felt Tongue (Upgrade)
  • FORM-FIT+ Insole with Memory Foam (Upgrade)