CCM A1.9 AXIS Senior Blocker

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- CCM uses Speed Skin material on the AXIS A1.9 blocker, currently one of the lightest skins used in the goalie world. CCM is taking a “don’t fix what isn’t broken” approach when it comes to the skin on their gear.

- The AXIS A1.9 blocker comes stock with a reinforced Nash palm providing goalies with optimal feel and protection.

- CCM has incorporated a laminated dual-density foam blocking board with PE that provides increased rebound and directional control off the blocker face into the AXIS A1.9 blocker. Additionally, there is further HD foam wrapped in Speed Skin for optimal impact protection around the fingers. Lastly, the sidewalls are reinforced with stiff foam and have curved impact finger protection.

- CCM’s adjustable 3-piece cuff on the AXIS A1.9 blocker provides you with the freedom of movement that is necessary to make those difficult blocker saves a little more manageable.

- The AXIS A1.9 blocker has curved high-impact finger protection to make sure your thumb and fingers are fully protected while finding that comfortable fit.