CCM Ribcor Trigger 7 Pro Senior Stick

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Last on CCM’s upgrade list for sticks in 2022 is the Trigger 7 Pro. This stick looks to offer a lighter weight, quicker release, and overall enhanced performance from its predecessor by combining the tech that worked with some brand new innovations. The tech in the Trigger 7 series is some of the best CCM has to offer for low kick point sticks, including Nanolite Carbon Layering, a unique Ergonomic “E” geometry, and a brand new Sigma STP carbon weave.

Stick Flex Profile
The Trigger 7 Pro is part of the Ribcor family, which is CCM’s low kick point stick family. These sticks gradually get softer toward the blade and bend closer to the hosel, a design that helps them load shots as quickly and easily as possible. This style specializes in quick-release shots and is equipped with various features to support this specific kick point.

Shaft Construction & Stiffness
Returning tech to the Ribcor family includes Nanolite Carbon Layering and an Ergonomic “E” shaft geometry. Nanolite Carbon Layering is a high-quality carbon layering technique that both enhances load efficiency and increases durability. The Ergonomic shaft means that the shaft changes shape across the length of the stick, starting out more traditional at the top and becoming more asymmetrical near the bottom. This approach helps increase your control over the stick while also helping the stick load better.

A big upgrade on the Trigger 7 Pro is the new Sigma STP carbon weave, which was developed with hockey players in mind. This weave works closely with the Nanolite Carbon Layering to further increase the sticks’ durability and balance.