CCM Senior Vector Hockey Pant

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Based on the CCM 3092 hockey pant, the Source Exclusive CCM Vector hockey pant features yellow tailbone protection and the interior belt from the CCM 10SD hockey pant. The Source Exclusive CCM Vector hockey pant also feature 400D nylon panels, PE hip and kidney protection, as well as a molded spine protector. For protection and performance, choose the Source Exclusive CCM Vector hockey pants.

  • CONSTRUCTION: 210D Lightweight Nylon Panels - Streaming fit and comfort
  • HIP: JDP Cap On Hip Joint - High level of protection dispersing the force of impact away from the hip joint
  • KIDNEY: Molded PE Kidney Protection - Good impact protection
  • BACK PROTECTION: Molded Spine Protector - Good level of impact protection in lower back
  • THIGH GUARD: Molded PE - Good level of protection


  • Yellow tailbone
  • Removed outside belt of the CCM Tacks 3092 and replaced by the belt of 10SD