KR3 Eagle Magnum Maple Wood Composite Baseball Bat

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Made from their finest hand selected maple billets. Strengthed with fiberglass biaxial sleeving applied with their special blend of Rock Resin epoxy. Handcrafted Canadian Quality in each and every bat.
C243 pattern features a standard knob and standard handle with a large barrel. Ideal for power hitters looking for a more top-heavy bat with a larger sweet spot.
C271 pattern features a tapered knob with a standard handle and barrel. Made from our strongest billets with the most Pop. Used by power hitters looking for maximum distance.
I13 Pattern features a tapered knob and standard handle with a longer extended barrel. An excellent bat for the gap to gap hitters and players looking for a longer sweet spot.
  • Cupped to Drop 2-3
  • Fibreglass Sleeving up to Barrel
  • KR3 Special Blend Rock Resin Epoxy
  • BBCOR Approved 
  • 60-Day Warranty
  • Hot White Barrel