OAKLEY Senior Certified Straight Hockey Visor

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Introducing revolutionary lens technology, Prizm™ clear, to OAKLEY's Hockey Visor offering.

Designed to enhance color and contrast, Prizm Lens Technology helps players see more detail and perform with more confidence on the ice. Optimized with the impact resistance and razor-sharp clarity of High Definition Optics® (HDO®), Oakley Hockey Visors are the choice of pros who refuse to compromise on protection and performance. Inferior visors can make the puck appear shifted from its true position, threatening both victory and safety. With HDO, the puck is where you see it, and your vision stays clear because Oakley enhances its scratch-resistant Plutonite® shield material with premium F3 Anti-Fog coating. It’s no wonder why the majority of players in the NHL and AHL insist on Oakley Hockey Visors.