True Catalyst PX Junior Hockey Stick

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The CATALYST PX packs the signature technologies and features of the CATALYST stick family in an even lighter build.

  • The lightest optimized Mid-Kick stick to date
  • Precision Accuracy
  • Unmatched Elite Performance

Tech Details:

Featuring all-new Focused Resin Flow (RESFLO) technology minimizes voids in the laminate resulting in a stronger, and more consistent laminate. Material and technology advancements have led to a lower resin content resulting in the lightest mid-kick shaft design while exceeding durability standards. 

The Tri Rib Tech (TRT) blade design provides optimized durability in an ultra-lightweight design. Strategic rib placements throughout the blade are designed to match puck impact points, providing a more stable blade structure on impact, leading to more accurate and powerful shots. Ribs extend up the toe of the blade to keep from opening up on hard wristers, powerful slap shots, and the most demanding one-timers.