Warrior Intermediate G4 Goal Blocker G4BINR8

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The Ritual blocker line from Warrior has changed what people think of as possible in a blocker. The Ritual G4 continues that legacy for this year. With unique features found nowhere else but the Ritual line, the G4 intermediate goalie blocker is sure to intrigue many goalies looking for a new blocker.

One of the best, and most unique features of the Warrior Ritual G4 intermediate blocker is the removable palm. It allows the goalie to pull the palm liner out fully and wash it, keeping the blocker smelling as fresh as the day it was purchased.

The Warrior Int goal blocker also features contoured finger protection to keep your hand safe from shots. On some blockers your fingers can be exposed to crunching while in the paddle down position, or just generally exposed to off angle shots. The contouring on the finger protection allows for the hand to sit comfortably contained, with a much lower chance of being in contact with either the ground or the puck. The removable nature of the palm also has the benefit of allowing the finger attachment to be adjustable and set the tension to personal preference.