Warrior Intermediate Krypto Pro Composite Stick

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  • EDGEQUICKRELEASE - The new QRE is easier to load and has a more explosive quick release. Your energy transfer thought the shaft, blade and puck making more lights shine red in rinks everywhere.
  • EDGETAPER - A new angular edge taper drives flex energy through the hosel that magnifies power and quick release. Our unique geometry improves response, is more stable and plays stronger.
  • MINIMUS CARBON800 - Lightweight flat weave carbon composite design improves the sticks construction technologies. The materials lightweight qualities enhance the sticks responsiveness, balance and playability.
  • TRUE 1 PHANTOM FEEL - Reengineered True 1 piece construction creates an extremely lightweight and strong True 1 piece stick with improved balance and responsiveness that significantly enhances feel and puck control.
  • PROCORTEXGRIP - A textured surface coupled with a tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place for optimum hand control