Warrior Intermediate Ritual GT2 Goal Pads GT2CLP19

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The Warrior Ritual GT2 intermediate Goal Pads have touched on the traditional feel of the pad while also improving the stability of the pad in the butterfly. Keeping the pad as light as can be, a tapered boot and improved torsional flex focuses on the attack angle of the pad without losing a perfect seal, Warrior is solidifying itself in the goalie world.

Warrior has brought their 360-degree ActiveDrop leg channel to the GT2. Rather than your pad staying centered on your leg like most traditional pads on the market, this technology encourages more knee separation, therefore covering more of your five hole while in your stance or during sliding transition.

External Material
Warrior doesn't have any special skin on their GT2 pads, just regular gen pro, but don't be fooled, with how light these are as well as the bindingless sliding surface, these slide competitively with the rest of the market.