Warrior Regulator Max Unstrung Lacrosse Head

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The Warrior Regulator MAX lacrosse head is a true defensive head, ideal for defensemen who like to throw heavy checks. Warrior added reinforcement on the Regulator MAX in several key areas to dramatically increase the the overall durability of this head. The Regulator Max lacrosse head is designed for abuse, this is a head you can have huge confidence in when throwing hard checks or running through scraps for a ground ball. Warrior added several key new technologies in this head such as Tilt-Tech for superior stringing capability, a feature often overlooked on defensive heads that will allow you to string better pockets. Warriors new MAX Design with SYMRAIL helps increase stiffness and rigidity throughout the head with precisely constructed struts along the sidewall. The Regulator MAX also features Loc-Throat Technology which creates a superior fit on to any shaft for a rattle free set up.

-MAX Design: MAX Design reinforces several key areas to increase stiffness and stability.

-Tilt Tech: New angled stringing holes makes it easier to string sidewalls tight and secure for improved hold and pocket consistency.

-Loc-Throat: As the screw inserts into the shaft, the legs of the Loc-Throat spread, providing both internal and external pressure for a more secure fit.

-SYMRAIL: Symmetrical sidewall design causing the inside of the sidewall to mimic the outside, reducing weight without sacrificing stiffness for perfect balance.